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Business Researcher

Learning & Development Enthusiast

Academic in Higher Education


As a researcher in multiple industrial sectors, I have thorough understanding of performance measurements & KPIs, productivity improvements, and cost-optimization techniques.


I have experience in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method research methods using primary and secondary data collection techniques in the mining & educational industry and currently, I am pursuing secondary research for the textile industry.

Experienced in course design, development, and delivery for Business/Management study & Software Engineering, I have worked as an academic in higher education institutions in India, Kyrgyzstan, Suriname, and Canada. Apart from that, I held positions like Technological Manager, Educational Consultant, and currently Director of Alumni Relations (Volunteer).


My skills include data analysis software SPSS, Minitab, and MAXQDA along with Microsoft SQL, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Besides my interest in learning new technologies to contribute to better decision-making, I am well versed in using online collaboration tools like Zoom, Teams, & Skype.


In my free time, I cook different cuisines & recipes for my family, go for long walks with our dog, and enjoy solving puzzles like Sudoku & Mah-jong.



Collaborating with team members to identify business strategies 

Generated research reports relating to multiple industrial sectors

Knowledge of adult learning principles like ADDIE





Implemented the first-ever successful ‘Business Fair’ event for start-ups

Awarded Certificate of Excellence for Course Delivery

Invited Session Chair & Speaker at a conference in Toronto, Canada



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