Lecturer, Bachelor of Business Administration                                                                    10/2013 - 05/2019

FHR School of Business, Suriname, South America (IACBE accredited courses).

Job Responsibilities

  • Mentored & supervised on research projects including the following industrial sectors:





  • Conducted classes, finalised course-related learning and assessment plans, preparation and evaluation of exam papers for undergraduate courses related to business statistics, business planning, logistics & supply chain management, finance, economics, management & organization, business strategy, and business ethics.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum planning and review to support continuous accreditation from IACBE.

  • Member of the Exam Committee.

  • Orientation of new employees.

  • Conducted Open Days before the start of the academic year.

  •   Finance & banking sector 

  1.        Identified and developed strategies on the effects of foreign exchange rate on the Surinamese Industry for Central bank of Suriname.

  2.        Developed an effective and efficient internal CRR (Customer Risk Rating) model for a private bank.

  • IT & Entertainment industry

  1.        Identified effective ways for them to support the product return phase of the customer.

  2.       Analyzed and developed strategies to improve viewers’ program preferences.

  • Hotel & Airline industry

  1.        Developed social media strategy for a renowned hotel chain which improved followers and increased business prospects.

  2.        Identified methods to continuously improve the brand image of the national airline carrier.

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